FTD - ESP Syncro XT Fishing Line Monofilament Carp Extra Tough All Sizes 1000m New

1000m of high quality E-S-P Syncro XT Extra Tough mono fishing line

  • Fast sink optimum stretch, slick surface finish
  • - For distance casting, excellent abrasion resistence 
    - Super high knot strength, Low vis smoke green
    - Also comes with 10 barbless hair rigs 
    - A great addition to any anglers tackle box 
    - Available sizes 10lb, 12lb, 15lb & 18lb
    10lb (possible 15lb), diameter: 0.30mm.   12lb (possible 17.5lb), diameter: 0.33mm.  15lb (possible 21lb), diameter: 0.37mm.  18lb (possible 26lb), diameter: 0.40mm.

    Before loading your spool, ESP recommend soaking the bulk spool overnight. The mono will then absorb water, becoming extra limp and will then go onto your spool very smoothly with excellent line lay.